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 OM4 Multimode MTP to MTP Cable Assembly

Availability:  8-10 days 
Length:     Diameter: 
GSR Global’s fiber optic Multimode OM4 100 Gigabit 12 Fiber 3mm round cable MTP to MTP Cable Assemblies are manufactured utilizing the highest quality components. From the USCONEC connectors, Corning cable and manufacturing processes, all GSR Cable Assemblies meet or exceed Telcordia and its GR-326 standards. Further, the processes and components that are used ensure high repeatability connections. GSR Global is an OEM manufacturer for some of the world’s largest companies offering a wide range of customized solutions not limited to connector options, jacket color, cable size and diameter. All GSR Global cable assemblies are serialized with accompanying test data, available with soft or hard copies, for easy accountability and traceability. Global Solutions thru Research

Applications:  CATV/Telecom/LAN/WAN/Data Centers/Medical/Military/Wireless/Broadband

Cable Type:  Multimode
Wave Length:  850/1300nm

ISO 9001 
UL 94 

GSR Global is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fiber optic/copper components and modules. Headquartered in Bedford Massachusetts, GSR can manufacture many kinds of products ranging from components and modules to sub systems. All products are tested to meet or exceed Telecordia specifications and are RoHS compliant. By combining sophisticated engineering with state-of-the-art manufacturing, we now manufacture a wide range of high-quality fiber optic and copper products. GSR is proficient in designing new product lines and innovative solutions to industry-wide problems and is committed to producing the finest fiber optic and copper products. GSR offers 25 Year Warranty on all Copper Products and Limited Lifetime Warranty on our Fiber Products.

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