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 Fusion Splice Tray 4"X12"

PN#:  AWHF12-12
MSRP:  $23.00
Availability:  8-10 days 

GSR Fiber Splice Trays come equipped with 2 mounting holes to provide flexibility in closure. Tray features a ruggedized, polycarbonate cover, allowing for clear visual inspection, ideal for fiber routing, maintenance & trouble shooting. GSR splice trays are designed to provide complete protection to fusion splices (heat shrink) & mechanical type splices. Clear button mounting aid and black fusion splice chips come with peel & stick to provide technicians with ability to adapt to universal environments. The splice tray can also be used for bare fusion splices by adding a 12- position bare fusion splice chip. GSR offers trays that are available in five dimensions, 4x7, 4x12, 5x7, 5x8¾, 5x12.

Applications:  CATV/Telecom/LAN/WAN/Data Centers/Medical/Military/Wireless/Broadband

GSR Global is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fiber optic/copper components and modules. Headquartered in Bedford Massachusetts, GSR can manufacture many kinds of products ranging from components and modules to sub systems. All products are tested to meet or exceed Telecordia specifications and are RoHS compliant. By combining sophisticated engineering with state-of-the-art manufacturing, we now manufacture a wide range of high-quality fiber optic and copper products. GSR is proficient in designing new product lines and innovative solutions to industry-wide problems and is committed to producing the finest fiber optic and copper products. GSR offers 25 Year Warranty on all Copper Products and Limited Lifetime Warranty on our Fiber Products.

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